Expectations Should Not be Kept to Yourself

I’ve been watching Sex and the City with my wife. I’d gotten her to watch a lot of other shows of my choosing: Breaking Bad, The Wire, Justified, and I thought I’d try something from her corner of the television universe. We blasted through all six seasons, alternating between HBO Go and the (very large) pink album of the complete series sitting on our shelf when our internet crapped out. We watched the first movie last night. There are a lot of lessons to be learned from that show, and most of them are of the “What not to do” sort.

[Spoiler alert!]

Last night, Carrie and Big were arguing about the size and impact of their nuptials.

Big angrily shouted “200 people! Page 6! Do you know how that makes me look?”

I shouted back at the TV (I do that): “No, because you don’t communicate your feelings with Carrie!”

In fairness, Carrie isn’t good at that either, but that brings me to my point: communication is key. Continue reading “Expectations Should Not be Kept to Yourself”

Not So SoftWare: Because Software Development Can Be Hard

Hi everyone,

My name is Matt Newkirk. I’m a software engineer and I build tools, mostly in Java, Perl, or Bash. Those are reasonably easy to create, maintain, and deploy.

I also help other engineers with their technical designs, testability, and code reviews. Installing a Perl tool is easy: yum or rpm can help you with that. Instilling better design is harder, though arguably more important.

This blog will be about both: software development (and management) practices, and parachute tools to get you home safely when those practices fail.

I hope you enjoy these forthcoming posts and that you’ll share your software development path with me as well!