Etsy is Hiring

Hi! Etsy is always hiring and you can find all of our jobs here.

This is the position I’m especially focused on filling in Engineering as of December 16, 2022. A couple of exciting notes:

  • Almost all of our US-based roles are now available as remote within the US! You can see how we’re thinking about remote vs in-office work here.
  • We now have successful product engineering hubs in Mexico City, and in Dublin, Ireland in addition to Brooklyn, New York and distributed teams across North America.

My team (Marketing Customer Experience) is specifically hiring product engineers to tackle these kind of challenges*:

Developing and improving our core localisation platform

Our mission: To ensure that key product development infrastructure is properly localised, enabling Etsy to fluently speak to every buyer and seller in their chosen language, and crafting locally credible user experiences for buyers and sellers as we continue to expand into new markets.

Our open position:

  • Software Engineer, Marketing Customer Experience
    • We’re looking for a terrific software engineer to join our excellent engineering team to help build upon our existing localisation platform and grow towards an even more global Etsy of the future.

    *As a note, I am not the hiring manager for these positions, but I am the director for this group and can either answer your questions or find answers for you!

    If you have any questions or would like to chat about these or any other roles, feel free to reach out on Twitter or LinkedIn!