Make Time for Joy

I share a January tradition with friends to choose a word of intent for the rest of the year. We share our word, a little bit about why and how we might live up to it, and then check in with each other later. My word for 2022 was joy.

I came to joy after working with a new therapist at the start of the year who helped me realize the importance of self-care and who suggested I track my joy regularly. When I began my tracking, I sometimes felt like I was having “good days” and “stressful days.” After a few weeks, I noticed that I could have “stressful days” with moments of joy, and I could have “good days” with moments of stress. With practice, I began to see when I was low on joy and started to see that making time for joy could help with an especially hard day.

Finding and acting on your joy

If you’re feeling low on joy in your life (or you’re not finding it almost every day), try these three tips:

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